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Machine and Leg Press Machine Description Our Leverage Squat & Calf Station will maximize your squat and calf training. All of the stress and pressure is taken off the lower back and knees because of our safety lever arm and an optimally angled footplate. Because of this the resistance is focused on your thighs or calves.
The Lever arms have a 500lbs weight capacity allowing you to pack on Olympic weights for an intense work out. You can also use this machine for hack squats, standing leg press, leverage squats, and calf raises.
This home gym machine will take your gym to the next level providing isolating exercises that will shred your calves and lower body.
Features & details INCREASE INTENSITY:
This Calf Machine and Leverage Squat Machine will isolate calves and thigh muscle groups creating a more intense workout that will shred your lower body. REDUCE STRAIN: With comfortable shoulder pads and safety lever arm this home gym machine will reduce strain on your knees and lower back. Allowing you to do calf raises, hack squats, or leverage squats pain free. 500 POUND CAPACITY:
With durable metal lever arms this machine can be stacked with Olympic weights up to 500 LBS. With a starting weight of 30 LBS from light to heavy you can find the perfect amount of resistance for you. ERGONOMIC
With an optimally angled footplate the Calf Raise Machine works with your body to reduce strain and help target muscle groups activating your core, glutes, calves, and hamstrings. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made out of solid metal construction this squat machine will last for years. Upgrade your calf workout to the next level with this calf raise machine.
Model Number
Leverage Squat LP-005
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