How to choose fitness equipment

Source:Zhejiang Zhongying Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.Publication time:2019-06-13

With economic development, people's living standard has been improved. High-calorie, high-fat people's nutrition. Machinery, electrification and automation of the use, the strength of the people to work more and more. Accelerated pace of life, living space narrowing and other objective reasons, so that people enjoy the material at the same time, the emergence of obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and other modern diseases, which have let us pay attention to science diet at the same time think of sports. Fitness equipment as a fitness tool produced. So, how to choose the fitness equipment it

First of all, should be targeted, that what we need  This should be our aim to locate workout. People because of gender, age, and time in which the different environments and have different training purposes. So we should be integrated in all aspects of their actual situation to locate the required fitness equipment, and ultimately determine what they want to buy. Because of a very wide range of fitness equipment, their body requirements are very different, and some suitable young vigorous aerobic exercise, while others are suitable for the elderly relatively gentle movement. Speaking from the training areas, and some practice upper limb, lower limb and some training, some training waist, back muscles and some practice. In short, buyers should be based on physical condition and intention to exercise its own, buy suitable varieties.

Here we give a brief introduction to the concept and classification of fitness equipment, which helps you locate targets. Fitness equipment is used to improve fitness, increase physical function, perform physical exercise, sports, basic training and specialized equipment, general rehabilitation exercises, according to their functional fitness equipment are classified as follows:

First, from the performance can be divided into:

1. Aerobic fitness equipment. For example: treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical running machine, stepper, rowing, etc. These devices mainly through aerobic exercise, allowing you to achieve weight loss, disk arrays to maintain good health purposes, especially for heart disease, hypertension and other modern disease has a significant preventive effect.

2. Anaerobic training equipment. Such as dumbbells, barbells and single stations, two stations, three stations, five stations comprehensive training machine. The equipment is mainly used to increase muscle, shape the body, reducing the passive ligament and muscle atrophy.

Two, from the object can be divided into use:

1. Home fitness equipment. Such horsepower treadmill treadmill of between 1.5 to 3 horsepower, the effective area of Running: 35cm-48cm wide and long between between 115cm-145cm. Exercise bike, elliptical machine, generally have inner and outer magnetic and external power several. Power type generally have a single, two and third-class multi-purpose equipment. These devices are designed for home use manufacturer's design. Such as motorized treadmill for home to make the home to reduce the footprint, increased functionality and additional folding feature set with a machine. Power-type for disk arrays enable a machine, just on the basis of a station, adding more features, so that the body's muscles can get exercise, but in order to save costs, household power type commonly used thin-walled tube steel.

2. Professional gym equipment. Due to the high frequency of use of gym equipment, which requires a variety of components to be increased intensity. Therefore, the general choice of gym treadmill if 3 hp to 5 hp AC inverter treadmills, effectively running area wide 48cm-60cm long 145cm-170cm; exercise bike, elliptical machines generally should be an external electric self-generation two. Power stations is single single-function training equipment, generally only exercise a muscle or a group action, such devices generally use large and square steel pipe wall thickness of 3mm or more.

3. Gym equipment. Mainly hotels, government agencies, enterprises and institutions in order to facilitate internal staff fitness needs. Establish a small gym in the unit inside. It depends on the size of the investment unit, generally used in high-end home, the low-end commercial equipment. Some good units can also be used for light commercial foreign brands dedicated equipment and hotel equipment.